Renewable Energy Projects

Project Overview Status Tribay Capital Team Role
Fukuoka 20MW Project Operational Development, Construction
Gifu 3MW Project Operational Development, Engineering
Miyazaki 50MW Project Construction Development, Engineering
Saga 14MW Project Construction Development, Engineering
Oita 10MW Project Construction Development, Engineering
Hiroshima 45MW Project Construction Development
Iwate 21MW Project Construction Co-owner
Wakayama 48MW Project Development Owner
Hyogo 22MW Project Development Owner
Mid Size Projects 10MW Development Owner

Fintech Projects

Nippon Wealth Limited, A Restricted Licensed Bank (NWB) is a wealth management house in Hong Kong.  Tribay Capital is now the No. 2 shareholder of NWB after participating in its capital raise, furthering its mission of “providing global investment opportunities” under an “Japan service quality standard”.

Tribay Capital has also concluded a business alliance with NWB’s leading shareholder, Shinsei Bank and world renown Fintech company ConsenSys. ConsenSys and its leaders are know for their role in the making and development of Ethereum. We aim to lead the market in the application of Fintech technology to the banking.