“Tribay Capital Renewables”

Tribay Capital’s first fund focusing on renewable energy projects. Most of current pipeline is in solar projects in Japan. We intend to extend into Wind and Biomass solutions in the future.

Our source of value comes from operational excellence in a structurally advantageous market. We provide seed funding early in development to ensure competitive purchasing. The following development, financing, and building phases are conducted jointly with the best partners in the market, combining global capability and local know-how.

Target returns are IRR=10-15% after tax returns for projects holding a full 20 years, and IRR-20-25% for projects sold to the market in 2-3rdyear of operation.  

“Tribay Capital Private Equity Asia”

TribayCapital’s No.2 fund. In addition to private equity investments in the renewable energy sector, opportunities in the Fintech and luxury real-estate sectors are targeted with in collaboration with top partners. We only invest in opportunities where we can benefit from superior market positioning and network.

Target assets include small/mid cap private equity and real estate rights. Investments will be made flexibly across equity, mezzanine, and debt instruments. Green field investments also conducted when and if there is a strong linkage with existing investments.

Target returns are IRR=20-30%. Holding periods range from 3-5 years.