Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is quickly becoming a growth engine for the global economy. While there is a continuing shift towards renewables given the Paris Climate Accord and other regulatory instruments, the more important trend is the fact that renewables are quickly establishing cost competitiveness. We are surely entering the age of “grid parity” where no incentive is needed for penetration of renewable energy.

Tribay Capital has pioneered the cost competitive renewable energy market by combining global EPC capabilities with local best in class project management. There is limited advantage of scale in the renewable market. Sustainable competitiveness is derived from quick decision making and on the ground persistence. Only the surviving will be given further opportunities. Our asset base and pipeline resides mostly in Japan, but are expanding across Asia.       

Fintech Technology

Fintech technology has the explosive potential to drastically change every industry. This change will likely be fundamental in the financial industry where crypto and digital assets will change the nature of Capitalism and the structure of the market. The combining of database and networking technologies is at the core of Fintech. Markets such as ecommerce and social networking services, where the managing of information has been the source of value creation, will be transformed within a generation.

Our team built up our knowledge and network in Fintech from the energy sector. We have extended our reach into other applications where Fintech has the potential to reshape markets and create value.

Luxury/Real Estate

Luxury is an area that is expected to grow sustainably through the deepening of the global economy and changing wealth distribution. Investments in the luxury market at Tribay Capital is focused on the high end real estate market.

Through our experience in the energy and infrastructure market, we have built up key relationships and know-how that lead to interesting opportunities. We will continue to consider investments whenever and only when there is a structural advantage.