Our mission at TRIBAY CAPITAL is to provide sustainable returns to investors while contributing to the advancement of society

Only a handful of Asset Managers are able to provide sustainable natures to its investors.
We, at TRIBAY CAPITAL, only invest in markets where we can build a structural advantage. Elements that make up a structural advantage differs by market, be it information, be it technology, or be it trust. We ensure that out our portfolio is managed neutrally from the market, leaving nothing to change.


We, at TRIBAY CAPITAL, ensure that our invests are made only when there is a structural advantage. This structural advantage can derive from technology, from our business model, or from our on the ground know-how. The only way to maintain our advantage is to continue to update our scales. A majority of professionals are technical experts in their relative fields, who maintain long term relationships with the best partners in the market.

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We at TRIBAY CAPITAL believe that investments that do not further a important social need can not provide sustainable returns. Thus, we only invest in cases where there is real impact to a nation’s economy and peoples’ lives. The Energy and Finance industries, where we make most of our investments, are changing rapidly through new technologies such as AI and Blockchain. The rules of the game will shift fundamentally in those sectors and we intend to be at the forefront of this change.