Our primary mission at Tribay Capital is to provide sustainable returns to investors.

We mean this literally, while understanding there are few funds in the market that can sustain its returns in a volatile market. Thus we only invest in markets where we can build structural advantage. Elements that make up a critical advantage differs by market, be it information, be it technology, or be it trust. We ensure that out our portfolio is managed neutrally from the market, leaving nothing to chance.


We ensure to maintain our technological edge at Tribay Capital, given the fast moving nature of the markets we invest. Technological competitiveness can come from tech itself, or from the business model, or from a on the ground know-how. The only way to maintain our edge is to constantly improve and update ourselves. Most of the team at Tribay Capital have a tech background in their respective fields, and we ensure we maintain a constructive relationship with the best partners in the market.

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We at Tribay Capital believe that investments that do not further a important social need does not provide sustainable returns. Thus we only invest in cases where there is real impact to a nation’s economy and peoples’ lives.